I’m a 28 year old teacher, working every hour of my waking day to provide an excellent education for the lucky children that I teach. I have a love/hate relationship with my career. I get exhausted, annoyed and exasperated by the job fairly often which leads to my rambling rants or entertaining stories about the highs and lows of my day. 

My job is rewarding but only teachers, and family members of teachers, realise how hard it actually is. It takes strength, integrity and resilience to be a teacher in the current UK education climate. Some days we wonder why we do it and other days, we wonder whether we could do anything else but the job.

I live somewhere in the middle of the UK, halfway between my family and work. I teach a class of 28 children Monday-Friday. One of those children was his lordship. Most of my stories are about him. He eventually left us before Christmas 2016, and I started to worry that I’d have no stories to tell, but other members of the class have grabbed the relay baton and are running wild with it.

We’ve been learning together for the past 18 months, so we know each other really well now. In our classroom, we learn together, sing together, play together and we laugh together. We talk to each other, smile at each other, look after each other on those really bad days, congratulate each other on those really proud moments, we annoy each other senseless sometimes, we keep trying together, we work together and we achieve together. I’m certain that my job would not be half as fun, most days, without my crazy class. 

Like any great teacher, I enjoy working with children, being creative, perfect spelling and grammar, neat presentation, neat handwriting, chocolates, cakes, chocolate cake, books, animated films, moscato wine, not having to set an alarm, that Friday feeling, weekends, half terms and that elusive 5-6 week summer holiday that we get each year – where we don’t do any school work apparently!