Ripping off the plaster.

Today, my class have spent an amazing day with their new teacher. After suffering with my awful jokes, random requests, stories and day to day bossiness for almost 2 years, they are more than ready for a new teacher. Despite what they might think. 

I’ve spent two weeks building up to today, preparing them and making it an exciting day to look forward to. For some children, it has been more of a stressful time than for others. Not knowing, makes things scary scometimes and not knowing who their next teacher would be, next year, has been scary for them. They’ve worried, they’ve lost sleep, they’ve badgered me for so long to find out who their new teacher is. Usually, I’m rubbish at keeping secrets and surprises, but actually, I’ve done quite a good job at keeping this secret inside.

During assembly this morning, I reminded my class, several times, in fact, to sit beautifully, in case their new teacher was watching. (Even when he wasn’t in the hall, yet!) They all wanted a well known year 4 teacher. When they found out it wasn’t me, she seemed to be the next best thing. Then they found out that she wasn’t even teaching year 4 next year, so they clung to the next best thing after that, another popular and well known year 4 teacher. This morning, they found out that in fact, they had a male teacher. Some were excited and some were still unsure. None of them seemed to notice that I followed them to their new classroom and then disappeared without a class of my own, after that. 

As I’ve seen them around school today, when asked how they like their new teacher, they’ve been mostly positive. Even the ones who weren’t sure initially. He seems nice and appears to more bossy than me, as if there is such a thing? If I had a pound coin for every time one of them has asked me who my new class are next year, I’d be good for the summer! For them, it’s been a fun filled day of getting to know a new teacher whilst I’ve printed all of their reports and planned some fun things to do in our final weeks together. 

But the tears had to come sometime. 

When they returned from their transition day with their new teacher, I broke the heartbreaking, earth shattering news that I actually have not been with my new class today. At first they were confused so I carried on explaining that I don’t have a class in this school next year. One child even asked me if I would be cooking the dinners instead. Thankfully, the school is safe from food poisoning because I’m going to be teaching at a different school. When it finally clicked, half of their heads hit the table as they let the news sink in. As I carried on explaining that I am going to be teaching year 6 in a different school in Peterborough, the tears started. A quarter of my class started sobbing and couldn’t hold back the tears myself. 

I announced a party on our very last day together, handed out invitations and tried to cheer them up with watermelon slices. For some, it worked, for the criers, they needed to splash some water on their face and grab some tissues. I hid my tears behind my sunglasses and started a game of ‘heads down, thumbs up’. 

As I sent them out of the door at 3:05pm, some children, who had been strong and held the tears in, crumbled once they reached their parents – which garnered some weird looks from the mums and dads outside. No doubt I’ll be popular on the playground tomorrow morning. 🙄

So I did it. I revealed the secret I’ve been keeping from my class, since March. It feels great. It’s also very sad. I’ll tell you one thing though. I’m so glad that I did it at the end of the day today, rather than at the start of the day tomorrow. I don’t think I could find enough tissues in the school or deal with the howling sobbing coming from some of the children. The last hometime is going to be excruciating and emotional one for us all, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. 😂

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