All you need is positivity.

In the current education climate, it is very difficult to be positive about the job. The hours are long, the work is relentlessly tiring and support is somewhat lacking from the higher powers that be.

When I look at all of the Instagram posts of teachers in the USA and Australia, it seems, to me, that maybe they love their job more than we do in the UK. They find joy in the smaller and simpler things in the classroom. They laugh at the incredible bloopers that happen and the massive LOLs that occur. The share their teaching styles, bargain finds at Target 🎯, their successes and epic fails. But most importantly of all, they openly share everything with each other. Granted Teachers Pay Teachers provides a little extra income for shared resources as well, but they don’t hesitate for a moment to help each other out. They share because they care. 

It’s created a positive environment online that allows me to see the good within the job I have. When I momentarily forget why I do what I do, day in and out, I look at Instagram and the many American and Australian teachers that I follow, and I feel lucky to be just like them. Lucky to teach amazing children, lucky to be able to help improve the future, lucky to be able to see amazing practise online and replicate it in my own classroom. Sometimes, it doesn’t quite work with my classs, so I adapt what I see and find what does work. 

These teachers, that are half way across the globe, are inspiring me to be a better teacher for my class. 

I know that I moan a lot in exasperation with my day to day antics, but I know there is more positive aspects to my career than I can maybe see. There’s more appreciation for the simpler classroom hacks that we fail to recognise in our exhausted and negative state of mind. I’ve decided to improve my positivity on social media accounts. Share my ideas, the LOLs, amazing displays, my OCD organisation and resources that I make. 

Keep up to date with me online via instagram: the_exasperated_teacher_blog 

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