I wish my teacher knew about me…

Today I managed to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time with my class. The weather, today, has allowed us to have some spare time (playtime, but the children didn’t really notice) to finally get round to doing it. Thank goodness for rainy days and wet playtimes! 

So I introduced the task and explained to the children that they could tell me anything they wanted. Absolutely anything… exciting news, hidden talents, worries or concerns, something I didn’t already know about them. To make it slightly more fun, they used some of my fancy post it notes with lines to write on! Oh the excitement that hushed around the room! Due to some of the children’s information that they wanted to tell me, some it quite personal or confidential, I said that if they didn’t want anybody to see it, they could fold it up, write their name on the outside and hand it to me. 

I collected them all in and promised to read them after school, when no other children would be able to read over my shoulder and see what they’d written. Some of them have written more on this one post it, than they’ve ever written in their English book. Obviously, they had a lot to tell me! 

Some of the responses I read after school today: 

I have been to hospital 4 times in my life so far.

I think I’m getting a kitten at some point, soon.

Every time I go in the bath, my hair turns brown.

Every time I get ten out of ten on my spellings, my dad gives me £1.00 to spend on sweets. 

My sister always lets me paint my nails with her nail varnishes. She has lots of different colour nail varnishes. 

I have been to Disneyland and Legoland and they were so much fun!

I have moved house.

I am funny.

I have 3 older brothers.

I am half like a year 3 and half like a year 4.

I am a talented football player.

I am very scared of the dark.

I am worried when I am at school.

I can do gymnastics in my house.

I am talented in skipping.

I would like to be a footballer when I am grown up.

My sister annoys me at home.

I am going to get a white fidget spinner that lights up in the dark.

I like to do sport and yoga.

I worry when we do times table tests because I might get a score of zero.

I can do a backflip on the trampoline.

I do ballet after school now and it’s really fun. 

I have a cat called Cookie.

I can play the cello.

There was some worries and news shared that I’m going to have to follow up over the next few days. But most of them, were down right cuteness overload. 

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