Flipping fidget spinners!!!

Since they have become the latest nuisance in the classroom, four have disappeared from my class. I know I have some light fingered tea leafs in the class, but unfortunately, the children still insist on bringing these into school. 

A letter was sent home last week, from the school to parents, with clear instructions that the spinners are for playtimes only. If a teacher sees one during learning time, it will be confiscated and returned to the child at the end of the day. 

Immediately, my class, willing to throw each other under the bus, happily alerted my TA or me to a child who had one hidden in their trouser pocket. Like they expected us to rifle through children’s pockets looking for spinners. 

So the first spinner went missing last week and admittedly, I had no clue what they were, or what they even looked like. So whilst each child brought their bag and coat into the classroom, I was searching for a spinny thing that I didn’t even know existed. (Yes I live under a rock when I’m not in school.) 

It was no where to be found. The child’s mum even said, at the end of the day, that she should not have brought it into school anyway. Consequently, tears happened and I exasperatedly apologised for being of no use with a helpful solution to the problem. 

Another spinner went missing on Wednesday and I was getting fed up of spending 30 minutes at the end of the day checking trays, bags and coats to try and find spinners. (Now I knew what they looked like – thanks Google!) 

On Thursday, I decided enough was enough when 2 more spinners had gone missing. If I couldn’t trust my class to respect each other’s property, then I was going to have to be petty. 

First thing, Friday morning, I collected all spinners in at the start of the day. At first, only one child willingly handed their spinner to me, knowing I’d be a safer carer of it than their tray/bag. I laid on the risk factor and reminded them that somebody in our class was being very unkind and mistrustful by taking other children’s spinners from their bags and trays. “Mums and Dads have spent some *hard earned* money on these spinners. It would be a shame to see their money wasted by allowing another child to steal your spinner from your tray, when it could be locked away in the cupboard for safe keeping.” Another 2 spinners appeared in the basket. I locked them inside the cupboard and then the children were allowed to collect them at playtimes, lunch and the end of the day. I listed the owners on a post it note so I could call them out to collect their spinner, should they wish to play with it at some point during their free time…

Halfway trough Friday morning, I was also given a mobile phone. A child in my class, 7 years old, has their own mobile phone. I wasn’t even allowed to use the landline by myself at 7. If I wanted to speak to my friend then I went outside, or over to their house, to speak to them. So the phone went into the basket as well and we locked them all away safely, until the end of the day. 

And no spinners (or phones) went missing on Friday. Hurray! 

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