Lets play a little game. Let’s see how many times I’ve likely muttered/internally screamed “WTF?!” to myself this afternoon…

Tigger has been on an absolute trip, so far, this week. He had two brilliant days at the end of last week…the best 2 days he’s ever had. I thought I had a new Tigger. A better, improved version. Tigger 2.0. Boy was I wrong? He’s returned. With a vengeance. To a point where I am very close to losing my hair, sanity or job. 

I’ve never felt the need to physically watch a child every second of the day. You can literally warn him about his behaviour and how it is impacting his learning and the learning of children around him, turn around to answer another child’s question about the activity…and he’s doing something else equally as annoying and inappropriate. WTF?! Even the head came to speak to him today and he’s mentioned that issues on the playground, in the morning, are affecting his learning and choices in behaviour. WTF?
Personally, I’m calling bullshit on the whole thing. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He thinks he’s being hilarious and mature by acting the fool. Burping in other children’s faces, WTF? answering back, WTF? asking ridiculous questions, WTF? throwing rubbers, WTAF? swinging on his chair, WTF? flicking pencils, WTF? turning his sheet into a paper airplane, WTAF?! blatantly lying about things he knows nothing about, WTF? Refusing to take responsibility for his actions WTAF and lying to his parents about whether or not he did or did not turn his work into a paper airplane this afternoon…W.T.A.F?

At one moment, Tigger was getting frustrated with his consequences and having to be moved down the behaviour chart, that he was getting rather angry. Not as angry as I was getting though. He shouted across the room at other children to stop looking at him. He stormed out of the classroom in a furious rage, was instructed to come back inside and deal with the issue more maturely. Sitting at the back of the classroom, he was slowly calming himself down until Chief Meerkat decided to “improve” the situation by laughing at Tigger then proceeded to stick his tongue out at him. Like WTAF?! WTF do you think you are doing? Helping? No. landing yourself a detention too? Yes indeed.

Both boys had already been in detention this afternoon. Tigger was supposed to have a detention for the entire lunchtime, but when I walked past a fun and exciting club room, at 1pm, there he was, playing and having fun, during his entire lunchtime detention. I called him out and decided to keep him with me until the end of lunch. He tidied the cloakroom and bookshelf. It was his best ten minutes of the day actually.

Also this afternoon, the Oracle decided to crawl underneath a locked toilet cubicle door, which he probably locked in the first place, let’s be honest, and drench his school uniform in urine from the floor in the process. 🙄  WTAFiddyF?!. When I explained to his mum after school why he’d changed into his PE kit this afternoon, she actually said what I could not. “WTF?!” She censored herself but the intention was clear. 

What do the boys in my class think they have been doing today? 

Draining their teachers of all of their energy, patience, sanity and happiness?

Earning as many time out detentions as possible? 

Am I looking forward to going back to school tomorrow? 

Yes because I’m not in class! 😁 But on Thursday? I might have food poisoning, or something…🤒🙄😂

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