ArticulaTe those Ts!!

In my classroom, these elocution lesson generally happen during a Maths lesson. The mental and oral starter is a great time to practise counting in multiples of any number. 

In my class, we range from being able to count in 12s to 144, all the way down to only being able to count in 1s to 20 accurately. But, something I can almost guarantee will happen 100% of the time, is that when we start counting in 2s. This will happen:

“Zero, two, four, six, eight, ten, twelf, fourtee, sixtee, eightee, twenny, twennytwo, twennyfour, twennysix, twennyeigh, firtee!”

And then they will all sit there, smug little things, smiling with pride whilst I find the nearest wall to hit my head against. 

We’ve been over this countless times. Every time we count in 2s, actually – How to pronounce our numbers correctly. Unfortunately, the catchment area that I work in is incapable of pronouncing the t at the end of twenty. 😞 It drives me mad. I’m constantly fighting a losing battle to have the t in twenty recognised and pronounced whilst counting. 

This isn’t the only time it happens. Sentences such as “ent ah?”, “Summit th ma’er?”, “can I ‘ave a drink o’ war’er please?” And “can I go toiluh please?” I’m not expecting my class to speak the Queen’s English, by any stretch of the imagination, but to pronounce the letters in the word correctly, would be amazing. 

Just this morning, the answer of “twenny,” was provided in our Maths lesson. “Sorry it’s my accent,” was the quick reply after my correction. Later on, the same child confessed that he “couldn’t work properly this morning because of his accent.” Jog on buddy. 

To make matters worse, I’m slowly developing a twang of my own that slips out whenever I’m talking to adults, my family and friends in another county in particular. I’m slowly starting to talk like my class. (Luckily, not in the classroom though.) 

Somebody please save me. (And my accent,)

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