The Evil Easter Bunnies

It feels like this has been the longest term ever. Probably because I had an entire week of being absent with tonsillitis in the middle. My TA then had a few days off with tonsillitis before we had a residential trip the week after. 

My class are a nightmare right now. I just want the term to be over. They aren’t listening to us, they can’t shut up for even a minute to hear a simple direction. We feel like we are watching them completely ignore whatever we say. Since our bouts of tonsillitis, a few weeks ago, both of our voices/throats are still fragile and in need of some proper rest over the Easter holiday. 

The class don’t seem to get that and whilst suffering without us for a week, they’ve become the complete opposite to how they’ve been for most of the year. It’s amazing how a week away, trying to rest and recuperate so we can return, sends your class into complete disarray. 

Today ended with 7 children on a warning, on the sad side of the behaviour chart, just for not listening and talking during learning tasks, or worse, rudely talking over other children and adults!! (Something we strictly condemn in our class.) 5 children are in detention tomorrow lunchtime and if they carry on tomorrow, many more could be joining them before we even get to playtime…

Bless their amazing parents/collectors though. They all agreed and understood why I’d given their, usually amazing, child a detention. They didn’t even question it. They accepted it and said that “words would be had” at home later on. I’m so thankful that most of the parents in my class are so supportive in these situations. If any parent had kicked up a fuss over the detention, I’d have gladly invited them into the classroom for a day to see how they manage to teach a class full of ignorant, self absorbed monsters that I appear to have gained over the last 3 weeks, and get them to make any progress in this current mood as well!

As I glanced across the room, before I walked out of my classroom, I noticed a pair of trainers, on the floor at the back of the room, that I’ve asked a child to put inside their PE kit bag a gazillion times this week already. They’re probably one of a few children in my class, who has any common sense and wits about them. Usually, if I ask them to do something, they do it straight away, or soon after. But even they have developed a hearing problem apparently… so I just had to… I could’ve added expletives to the note, but I held back – after some deep breathing and checking on my attitude. 

I feel sorry for the angels though. The ones that even when the others have turned into selfish, fussy, deaf monsters, their halos keep shining bright. The six children who earned a house point each today because they have been patiently (and also exasperatedly) waiting for the others to be quiet and listen. It’s such a shame that they have their education wasted by selfish and uncaring peers. 

I’m not even joking, if my (mostly horrible, at the moment) class don’t stop ignoring simple directions like “sit down on your chair”, “write your long date on the TOP(!!!!!!!!) line neatly and underline it” etc and continue to do whatever they blooming well please, instead of listening and learning, I’m going to force the little blighters to sit and watch my wonderfully, and equally exasperated, TA and I, eat their chocolate eggs in front of them…

I’ll label each egg with a child’s name and if they shout out again, talk over a peer or adult unnecessarily, ignore instructions, mess around, or continue to do anything but listen and learn…We’re going to eat their chocolate egg! In front of them!

We won’t make Easter cards, we won’t make Easter treats, we won’t even have an Easter egg hunt. I’ll cancel all the fun activities for them and we will fill the last 2 days with spelling tests and lots of writing – which they hate immensely!!!!!

Because, yes, I am that mean!

My TA and I?

We’re fed up of repeating ourselves.

We’re fed up of watching them completely disregard any directions/instructions that we give them. 

We’re done.

End of story.

We can’t do this anymore. 

Can it be Easter break already?


We need it. (And so do the children!) 

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