Night Nurse Nightmare (episode 2) 


I’ve started sneezing and suffering with a runny nose, so I took some Night Nurse medicine before bed last night. (Only 3 or 4 hours ago in fact!) 

In my dream…I arrived at my house, after a long, tiresome day at school and a quick dash to Tescos supermarket for a quick tea. A colleague from work was working at Tesco customer service/checkout and we were discussing the recent American awards ceremony. Who had won and who we thought should have won – like you do, apparently.  The winners were being photographed in the weekly offers aisle so I took a quick sneaky peak before I went to my car and I didn’t know who any of them were! 

I walked outside to discover that I didn’t have a car to drive home in…Only a go kart which I had to use hand signals for turning with. Then the weather started to spit rain slightly, so I hopped on and headed home. 

On the way home, some youths are running away from a crime and have jumped over a tall wall, where there is usually trees. It’s ok though the police have overtaken me in my little go-kart and are hotnon their tails! I find my sister on the way home because apparently, she, Mum and dad had moved into a terraced house, nearby. 

So my sister is now with me and she is upset about something that happened in the lunchroom at work. I say “I have a frozen ham and pineapple pizza in my car, if you want to come over for tea?” – Because in dreamland, frozen pizza (cooked obviously) makes all work problems better. From what I can gather about the phonecall I over heard, on my way out of the back door, somebody had cooked some smelly food in the microwave and blamed her for the smell…? She’s on her phone telling mum, or one of her friends. 

I had rushed home on a go kart, but the pizza happened be in the boot of my car? Which makes total sense right? So I sneak  into my house, quickly and quietly, leaving the door unlocked so my sister can get inside, in a hurry if she needs to. I then have to sneak out to my car via the back door, when she arrives, and have to be incredibly quite about it, I shout over to her, “stay in here, away from the lions!” because a pride of lions have decided to live outside my house. 

An old man had been chasing them around to get them to move on but he was being circled by a few lions now, and it didn’t look promising for his poor, unfortunate soul. So I sneak around him, but get chased by a lion to my car. 

As I unlock my car and dive into it, a lion pounces and scratches down the driver side window and the metal door. I’m frantically trying to push my key into the ignition when it clasps its paw around the handle and opens the door. The same door that both of my eldest nieces cannot open without some help, yet a lioness can! Unbelievable. I slam the door shut, towards me, and hold it to me as tightly as I can. 
Then I woke myself up, telling myself it’s just a dream, aloud. 

Thank goodness. 

How do our brains concoct such weird and strange dreams? What do they mean? Why do they only happen when I’ve taken Night Nurse medicine? So many questions but I’m too tired to research answers now…back to sleep, hopefully without any lions in it. 

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