PPA antics

This academic year, I’ve recently discovered how productive I can be during a PPA day! Why? Because I’m no longer distracted by somebody! 🙊

Two years ago, I started working with one of the best colleagues I’ve ever had. I knew working with her was going to be fun, when she introduced herself on our induction day, but what I I didn’t realise was that it would be so blooming hard to focus with her around.

Together, we both have the attention span of a typical child in either of our classes, which on PPA days, would be absolutely useless. Now we no longer work together and I have my PPA days with more focussed colleagues. To say PPA days are no longer fun, would be an understatement, although my new colleagues do bring cakes and goodies to eat! I get to lunchtime and I’m not only starving, but slightly bored, mostly frazzled. I haven’t had my intermittent rounds of guess the song or giggles over our childhood anecdotes. 

Guess the song would be a game we’d play, to “rest” our brains for a moment, where she would wear her headphones and start humming (or ahh-ing) to a song on her playlist. I’d then have to try and guess the song she was trying not to sing the words of. It became our PPA tradition and I miss it greatly. For a few weeks, towards the end of our time of working together, she was off sick and I realised the potential I had to be productive, until lunchtime. 

Lunch is my limit on a PPA day, if it doesn’t get done/finished by lunch, it probably won’t get done/finished that afternoon! 😔 At lunch, we used to dash off to Costa Coffee or McDonald’s for a refuel of energy and unashamed giggles. 

Even though we still meet up regularly, I do miss our PPA madness. Chance made us colleagues, but our craziness made us friends. Hopefully, one day, soon, I’ll be working with her again and we can resume the madness that will most definitely ensue. Until then, our afterschool tea and cake get togethers will just have to suffice. 

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