10 Reasons why I might have a soft spot for Tigger…


He hasn’t been with us for very long, but he’s already stepped into some very big shoes. (And won my heart in the process.) He isn’t as demanding as his lordship ever was, but at least I can smile when he’s misbehaving. Sometimes I even have to have a little chuckle with my back turned, because you don’t expect him to be so cheeky in a lovable way. Dare I say it, even when he dabs!

10. “Miss, I’ve written summat!” “Would that be the date by any chance?” “Erm, no not yet…” 😕

9. The multiple times that he checks in to ask whether he’s having a good day so far, but not really asking…”I’m ‘aving a good day so far ent ah?” 😁

8. The way he will contradict himself when he’s in trouble. “We were play fighting, yeah. Then it turned into real fighting. But we weren’t actually fighting though yeah!” 🙈 Then, he’ll happily accept any consequence that comes his way. Unlike some other children who will call other adults liars for catching them and following through with school procedures. 

7. When Nan smothers him with kisses in the morning, he will squash his face up in disgust but then fall back for one more quick peck, before he saunters into the classroom like a boss. Didn’t you know it’s totally cool to kiss your Nan goodbye at the school drop off?! 😗

6. The way he will sing so enthusiastically in singing assemblies, like he’s auditioning for the X Factor but if he catches you watching him, he stops and lowers his head in shame, then lifts it again and carries on belting his little heart out. 🎤 😯

5. When he’s so desperate to give an answer in class, he will lift his entire body off the floor, until he is practically floating. Hovering  like a meditating Buddha, so I ask him and his mind goes blank and he cracks a smile. 😆

4. When you work with him, 1:1, he has a cracking sense of humour. “I got (learned) a new joke last night…” “do you want to share the joke?” “I would…but I can’t remember it!” I have a feeling that some of his new jokes, might be inappropriate to tell your teacher anyway…😕

3. He will genuinely compliment other children without a second thought. A part of me has realised, that maybe, he wants to be as good as them and thinks he never could be…oh if only you put as much effort into learning as you did into being top dog. 👍🏼

2. He loves to have a responsibility to do and aims to please. He likes to be helpful in a non-nuisance way. Give him a job to do and he will fulfil it like his life depended on it, unless you ask him to do some writing or maths work by himself…😩

And finally…

1. The way he will lift his water bottle out of the basket and take a few sips before he lifts it up, as though he’s about to flip it, then look my way and say “you thought I were gunna flip it dint ya miss…I got ya that time!” Then he smiles his cheeky smile and carries on with his day…🙄

In all seriousness, he has his moments when the dabbing is frustratingly annoying, but I don’t go home feeling drained and exasperated by him. At the end of the day, he is truly trying to have better days and control his anger. You can really see he is trying. Trying not to get on my nerves. I think his lordship just used to do it on purpose, possibly to see how close he could push me to the edge…before I leapt off it with my eyes tightly shut.

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