The Trump effect

So there I was reading through a reading comprehension about the history of teddy bears with seven boys in my class.

We discovered that a former American president was called Teddy Roosevelt, by his closest friends and family, to which Tigger asked “is the new American president really called Mr Trump? – like a fart?” 

I giggled inside for a split second before replying. “Yes, yes he is.” All seven boys burst into hysterics and couldn’t believe the news. You have no idea how difficult it was to recompose myself and readjust the group focus onto the comprehension task. Throughout the rest of the reading, there were intermittent snickers and giggles. My perfected teacher look put the giggles to rest though. We managed to get through the rest of the planned discussion questions and look at modelled full sentence answers which they will hopefully be using tomorrow.

Needless to say when I repeated the same text and questions with the group of girls, in the afternoon, there were no giggles or hysterics. Just sensible decoding and comprehending in reading. 

If I’m ever asked, I’m wholeheartedly going to deny that Mr Donald Trump has ever brightened up my Tuesday morning whilst I’m leading guided reading with a group of boys. 

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