Let’s do the dab!Β 

So…πŸ™„ if the legendary Betty White is dabbing, maybe it’s not so bad? πŸ€” 

What is a dab? A dab is a phenomenon/dance move that has swept across UK classrooms like an annoying hurricane. 

The dab gained its popularity when a NFL team did an 8 second celebratory dab, on camera. 😞

Now it’s the most annoying thing to do in the classroom. 😩

How do you do the dab? To do a dab, you need to lean into your elbow joint, like you would do if you needed to sneeze, and put your other arm out. Or you stand like Usain Bolt’s celebratory stance and turn your face into your elbow, touching your forehead with your hand.

Is dabbing cool? Erm…πŸ€” NO!! Dabbing is now a consequence in my classroom. If you dab once, you have to stand up, so everyone can see you, and count you, dabbing 20 times. Some children have taken to it, like a duck to water. πŸ™„ Other children have quickly realised dabbing isn’t as cool as they thought it might be. Who wants to dab 20x, in front of an audience? 

Tigger apparently does. He’s the king of dabbing in our classroom. He’s easily dabbing out 200+ dabs a day! His arms are aching by lunch and he’s soon going to have arm muscles to rival Popeye. However, he just can’t help but sneak out a dab when he thinks I’m not looking. (And he obviously hasn’t realised that even when I can’t see him, I have 27 other pairs of eyes, that will see him and then they’ll throw him under the bus! – because that is what my class does best!) 

Who knows what the new dab will be? I really hope it isn’t as annoying as this though. 😩 The only good thing to come out of this craze is – at least my weaker maths children are getting some practise counting up to 20/30/40 now! πŸ˜‚

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