Drowning in despair…

Before we broke up for summer last year, I thought I had experienced his lordship at his absolute worst when his tantrums came to a climax and he chased his “best friend” around the classroom whilst flailing his arms around trying to hit him. 

It ended with me pushing his friend out of the classroom door and barricading his lordship in the classroom. So desperate to get to his friend and vent his anger, was he, that he started trying to lift the door off of its hinges. 

What had set him off on such a meltdown? His lordship wanted a specific cork that his friend was using in a floating and sinking science investigation. Believe me, there were many similar, in fact there was many identical corks available, but he wanted that specific cork. Nothing was going to stop him getting it apparently. Not even me leaning on the door.

I ended up calling for support on the radio and sending my speedy runner to the nearest adult for help. We opened the door and he made a bee line for his friend. They carried his lordship away via an arm and a leg and I carried on with the science investigation with the rest of the children. 

I’ve never seen a look of horror on a child in need or a look or sheer intent on an angry child before. Initially, I put it down to the changes we were experiencing towards the end of the year. New teacher, new year group, new expectations. Little did I know it would get worse than this in a few months when we moved up a year together. 

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