Party Tricks

A few party tricks have been plaguing classrooms recently. 

Flipping water bottles was becoming a nightmare for me a week ago. Every playtime Mr Manners was politely complaining that his water bottle had been taken by Tigger and flipped within an inch of its life until it was scrunched and misshapen. He didn’t mind because he’d finished his water but couldn’t keep his bottle now. He started putting his empty bottle in his tray but it was magically disappearing! This week I caught a new culprit flipping his water bottle in the cloakroom. Tigger was impressed that it wasn’t him being spoken to for a change. 

Now that Tigger has got the hint about flipping water bottles, he has started dabbing instead. At first it was just on the playground, which was ok with me. Now he’s dabbing at his table, on the carpet, and in the line for assembly. 

Hopefully this dabbing thing won’t last as long as the bottle flipping. I think I’m officially getting old and grumpy. I was completely fine with gangnam style and the dougie. I’ve not had to deal with the latest trends for 2 years, as 6 year olds don’t tend to take much notice. Now I’m back in KS2 and I’m definitely done with the crazes. 😩

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