An Alien Invasion…🚀👽🖖🏼

In November 2015, aliens invaded our classroom.

During a morning playtime, something happened…some aliens invaded and tipped up the chairs and tables, they scattered pencil pots and table baskets everywhere. They also dropped black alien slime all over the place…Or did they? 🙄 It was the best playtime I’ve had in school, where I’ve not had to be on duty! Being able to just make a mess freely was liberating. Mainly because it was guilt free. I knew that I wouldn’t have to clean it up!

The children returned from the playground to discover that the classroom was in a complete state. Without any prompting, they all began tidying up the mess. Hmm, actually, all but one child. Whilst tidying up the classroom, a child found a book with a letter attached to it. It was a story all about Bob, the man on the Moon. I agreed that if the children finished tidying up the mess, we could read the book before we “started ou English lesson”. The cleaning crew were on it like a bonnet. Within minutes, the classroom was back to how it was before playtime. We settled onto the carpet and read the story. Guess who was the most excited…? That’s right! 

His lordship. He squealed with delight at the aliens popping up in different places in the story settings. Many of the other children thought an animal (or a naughty child) had come into the classroom, during playtime, and created the mess. None of them even considered it could be the aliens from the story! 

In the story, Bob, the man on the Moon, likes to enjoy a morning break with a cup of tea and a crumpet. What a conincedence that we had some tea and crumpets in school that day? I know right!? 

Guess who was even more super excited about this? That’s right! His lordship. 

Declaring that he loved crumpets and drinking tea, he could not keep still. He wanted to be the first child to get some tea and crumpets. I however, being high and mighty, insisted that he found his seat and sat down on it, before the food and drink was offered to him…

And he actually did follow that instruction. Well, sort of. He didn’t wait patiently and perfectly, obviously. That would be impossible!!! 😂 But, he did return to his chair and hovered over it until he was offered some tea and half a crumpet. 

The noises that escaped his mouth whilst devouring that half crumpet, weren’t too different to Michael Rosen’s eating noises, in his Chocolate Cake poem. (Which is why it became a favourite story to watch on YouTube at the end of the day.) You would think that he hadn’t eaten all day the way he was savouring every finger tip covered in butter that he possibly could. I’ve never seen a child more engrossed in a lesson, it was more than likely because it involved eating food…again.

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