New Year’s Resolutions 2017

The list is final. 5 resolutions. How long until they are forgotten? πŸ˜‚ There is the usual resolutions…exercise more, eat healthier, eat less chocolate, spend less but go on holiday. They never really work out. So I’ve thought carefully about my resolutions and how I can keep them better in 2017. 

1. Be more positive. Having a positive mental attitude is vital when you’re a teacher. You can sometimes drift into the negative lane but the children try to pull you out of it, or push you further down the lane. I have found myself being more negative than positive about teaching recently. I have to keep reminding myself to be more positive and smile. To love my job more, but it was so hard to do on those really torturous days when his lordship was off on one. So New Years resolution number 1 – be more positive. 😁

2. Read 12 books. A teacher who doesn’t read? Scandalous! I’m not saying that I don’t read, because I’m reading 2×28 books every weeknight, sometimes more if there is topic and RE as well. Also I’m very aware of the fact that as adults, who are competent readers, we read everything without even realising… (Traffic signs, food packages, TV guides, book, DVD and CD covers, our tablets, phones, computers, labels on absolutely anything.) I don’t read any books for enjoyment anymore. Or at least, not as often as I’d like to. I think I read only a few books in 2016, and as a teacher I feel bad that I’m not reading for enjoyment when that’s exactly what I’m trying to encourage my class to do. So I’m giving myself a book a month to read. I know there is 15 books in the photograph of my reading “playlist” but I’m hoping I’ll read a few more during the school holidays. I could prove myself to be too adventurous with this resolution…

3. Be more creative. I seem to have settled into my comfort zone and I know I’m quite comfy because I’m noticing a relentlessly boring routine to my life. Wake up, teach, eat, sleep, repeat. My life is boring. I need to be more creative in a fun and exciting way. I’d like to learn how to do calligraphy as I always admire meaningful quotes scripted perfectly in a fancy calligraphy script. I’d like to paint more, bake more, draw more, create beautiful gifts for friends and family. I just want to be creative in a more fun and freeing way. So I aim to do something creative at least 4 times this year. 

4. Keep my classroom desk space tidy. I’m not very good at this resolution on the good days. I’ve probably made this resolution every September and January since I started teaching full time. I’ve had a go since the start of this academic year and so far, seem to be failing. So I had a think about it over the Christmas holiday. How could I make more of an effort to keep it organised and less chaotic? I’m going to make it my mission to clear it at the end of each day and take a photo. In my next desk update, there should be some photos displaying my efforts in more successful way. Hopefully!

5. Travel more. I’ve also said this for the past 2 years now. I’d love to go on holiday again. In fact, I’m not entirely sure my passport is in date anymore. I’ll need to check it pronto. I’ve spent 3 summers in a row, in sunny, old England. Yay! It’s time I got some sun and ouzo again. My sister and I are planning a trip and maybe a quick 2 week holiday to a Greek island, is just what I need. I’d also love to revisit Berlin and go to a German Christmas market in December. Growing up in Germany, I can remember the Christmas smells as you shopped in the dark, winter evenings. Sweet donuts and waffles, bratwurst and lebkuchen wafting in the air as you weaved between shoppers. The sparkling Christmas lights hanging between the buildings and seeing Santa wearing his blue, denim jeans and his bright red cloak! So my mission in 2017, to travel abroad twice. 

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