“You get so many holidays…”

Yes. Yes we do get lots of holidays but did you know what most teachers do during those holidays? 

We re-build our chaotic lives! 

Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning my kitchen, living room and doing many loads of washing. 

Guess what I am doing today…?

I’m cleaning my bedroom and spare room and bathroom. 

The only reason why my house is so untidy is because I have multiple piles of stuff that I have organised into agreeable intentions that have never happened, like shredding, filing, putting away, throwing away etc. 

It’s the jobs during term time that build up and up and up until the holidays come around and you can’t live amongst the chaos anymore…you didn’t really have to deal with it whilst it was term time. You only spent 5 waking hours, maximum, living amongst it each day and even then, you were probably too work focused, mentally, to acknowledge it was even there. 

So here I am, siting amongst piles of rubbish, damp dusting supplies, the hoover and my music to keep me on task, before  I get distracted by another pile of papers to sort through and think, wow I haven’t seen this in a long time! 
Either I’m not cut out for being an adult or I need to hire some cleaning help…

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