Christmas cracker crown competition

The past couple of years, my sister and I have had a Christmas competition to see who can keep their Christmas cracker crown on for the longest time. 

We are stubbornly determined to outdo each other. 

Last year, my crown fell off when I leant forward to get some chocolates from a box on the table. I was devestated.

This year, I was determined to keep it on for longer. Even when we dropped Aunty Maureen off at her house, yesterday evening, and the wind tried to blow my crown off, I held onto it for dear life. 

I ended up undressing as carefully as I could, to avoid knocking it off my head, and snuggled up against my pillow, uncomfortably, only to wake up and find it glued to my forehead with sweat and hair sprayed hair! 

My sister took hers off at midnight, before she went to bed, so I’m counting this as my first official win! 🎉 Even though she considers it a draw.

Until next Christmas…

Merry Christmas Everybody! x

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