The desk II

Well, it has been a whole term. My desk-keeping ways haven’t changed. 

I realised, as I was packing my laptop away last night, that my desk was literally covered in dust and the pile of papers was sliding across onto the laptop…

I spent 30 minutes sifting through the papers. Keep, file, bin, shred… Packed away the laptop, saw the layer of dust rolling around on the top of the desk and cringed. 

Had I really let it get this bad? Could I leave it like this until January, knowing about the dust and the clutter around it? 

No I couldn’t. I grabbed the anti-bac spray, wiped the entire desk clean and dried it, put everything back and skipped out of the door merrily, knowing I had one less job to do next year on INSET day! 


Another New Years resolution…clean my desk more frequently. Or keep it clear full stop !? Does a leopard really change it’s spots? I really hope so…

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