Night Nurse Nightmares (episode 1)

When I’m sick, night nurse is the only medicine that can knock the flu out of me, and knock me out too. The only problem is that night nurse gives me some strange dreams. 

I’ve had many strange dreams whilst on the night nurse and decided in October that I should probably write them down. I posted it on Facebook to my friends and they all laughed at my strange dream. 

That particular dream was that a killer polar bear that was waiting outside my house, first thing in the morning. I phoned school to let them know I couldn’t be in school, because a man eating polar bear was going to attack me before I’d even got to my car. 
I walked into my living room and I had 3-6 colleagues from school sitting on my sofa and chair. I was confused as to how they got into my house, what with the man eating polar bear waiting outside. All I could do was offer them a cup of tea. 

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