Poetry problems.

There’s something about poetry that children find tricky. 

I’ve always had a natural flare for poetry and writing. Ever since I was in year 3, when I wrote a rhyming poem about an autumn leaf. 

In year 8, RE, I wrote a poem about bullying that grabbed the attention of the Reverend teacher. She asked to see me at the end of the lesson. Alone. I thought I was in trouble. She just wanted to let me know that she cried whilst reading my homework poetry. 

I wrote a poem at Uni about how to use the toilet because 18+ year olds, living in halls with me, were incapable of doing simple and necessary tasks after using the loo. 

It went something like this…

Please remember, this toilet is not just for you, so when you have been to the loo, If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweet and wipe the seat. Or be so kind to look behind, and check your poo went down the loo. And just before you walk away, pull the chain and use the spray. 

My grandparents came to visit me in halls, one time, and howled when they read it. 

I’ve utilised this skill in teaching by writing parodies to songs for topic and assemblies. 

To “Gangnam style”:

Back in the Roman times, a very rotten era, The romans invaded lots of different countries, They did this to make the Roman Empire even bigger, Invade, fight, kill and conquer. …

The song goes on but I don’t want copyrighting laws brought against me by Psy. 😕 plus it was a blooming fab song. I’m saving it for my next Romans topic. 

To “We Built This City”:

We built the pyramids, we built the pyramids on rock and roll. We built the pyramids, we built the pyramids on rock and roll. 

3000 BC, the Egyptian times. Down by the hustle bustle, of the river Nile…

Again, no copyright infringements intended. 

So I’m pretty masterful when it comes to writing a poem/parody or thinking of rhyming words.

My class, not so great. 

Last week, one of the many loveliest girls in my class, innocently, rhymed light with another word beginning with sh. To be fair we were running out of single letter graphemes, so she sensibly moved onto blends and digraphs. Clever girl. Not so great for her giggling teacher though. She had no clue why I was giggling and I wish I had been more professional over the matter. 

My class are trying so hard to write limericks at the moment. Some children have surprised me by their flare for writing them. Others have been awful, and we may just resort to writing our favourite pre-written limericks in our neatest handwriting instead, but I’m sure their parents will be thrilled when they read them inside the Christmas cards that they have made today. 

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