Beaming with pride.

I had a day of PPA today. I was still in school to pop in, now and then, on my little cherubs, but I wasn’t in the classroom with them. 

They had a lovely cover teacher today, but I made it seem like she was going to be horrible to them if they didn’t behave. I told them, she’d stop them doing the fun science project work and make them tidy up before she got them to do really hard French instead! Apparently, it worked wonders because they have been as good as gold all day. 

When I walked in before lunchtime, they were all working harmoniously, in their groups, to decorate their houses for a science project. There wasn’t any arguing, fighting over what to do, who was in charge or running around. They were just getting on with things. 

A funny, little feeling inside of me, tells me this could be because some bossy characters (my mini me and the oracle) were absent today, but I’m trying my best to ignore it. I’m just going to carry on feeling proud of them for showing such impeccable group work skills. It made me realise, once again, that without his lordship, my class are blooming marvellous! I love them to pieces and I remember exactly why I wanted to keep them in July now. 

It’s possible the Christmas spirit is taking over and I’m starting to get a little bit giddy with all of the excitement. We have one more day of catch up to do in science, maths and English and then we can crack on with those cards, calendars, Christmas decorations and gingerbread people. It’s also possible that this mood might not last until tomorrow. 

We shall see. 

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