The detention Oprah.

Today I have been the Santa of Detentions. The detention Oprah, if you will.

“You get a detention! You get a detention! Everybody gets a detention!” 

Surprisingly, most of the detentions have been shockers! Since the usual suspect left us a week ago, unexpected children have been misbehaving the week before Christmas fun activities. It all started yesterday lunchtime, when I had to hand out detentions to two girls for giggling, messing around and deciding to sit next to each other, which they know they are not supposed to, because I’ve split them apart for a very good reason. They both cried as I told them I expected better and instructed them to put their names on the first detention card because they were already on the sad side. Luckily the shame prevented them from continuing with this unacceptable behaviour and they only had a short detention.

Today, it all came to a head, when the sports coach brought my class back inside early because 2 children had been hit with a hockey stick ‘accidentally’ and another 2 children had ended up in a pushing and shoving brawl that my TA had to stop. The sports coach was brilliant and read them the riot act, full of “I’m so disappointed in you all” and “this is not what I expect from a usually lovely class to teach” I was right behind her, nodding in agreement. I dealt with the brawlers and felt so bad giving them their detentions but if I didn’t follow rough with procedures, it would be unfair to the usual suspects. The girl admitted it and accepted her consequence with grace and many many tears. The boy denied pushing her and wouldn’t admit his wrong doing until I announced that I might need to add lying to a detention form for one of them. He cried and admitted his responsibility before I signed his detention form.

Another boy was given a detention for lying yesterday but then ‘forgot’ to attend. So he went today. 

At the end of lunch, my newest arrival ‘accidentally’ kicked a girl whilst trying to ‘intentionally’ trip her over in their running race on the playground. She was distraught and hobbled to first aid. This revolving door (one out, one in) has got me once again. I’m honesty surprised he has lasted 10 days before getting a detention. He’s been tiptoeing along the line of accordance ever since he arrived. He gets a warning and stops, he gets another warning after lunch and stops. At lunch and playtimes, he’s been in bother but hasn’t come close enough to a detention, yet. Now he has one waiting for him Monday lunchtime. 

So in less than 25 hours, I’ve handed out 6 detentions to different children in my class. At the rate they are going, the whole class could be losing out on golden time next Friday. It’s only taken us 3 weeks to earn our gems for enough time to qualify for golden time. We legitimately didn’t have time this afternoon, so they are unknowingly, saving their gems for next Friday when we will most likely have the time. I’m sure I can fill he carpet with children missing out on golden time due to having a detention. 

There is a few children, who if they got a detention, I would truly be in shock. I doubt that they would but after this week, you never know. 

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