Mr Cellophane

Today, at playtime, his lordship decided to show his true colours to his new 1:1. (Who he has started calling his assistant!)

He was playing a game on the stage near the field. There was a mixed group of children playing with him. Everything seemed happy. Fine and dandy, until he decided he didn’t want a particular child to play with him. He told him to get off the stage, so the child said “yes,” but refused to get off the stage all the same. His lordship lost control and pushed him, started hitting him and ran off when the whistle was blown, signalling the end of the playtime. 

Realising he was in trouble for pushing another child and hitting them, repeatedly, he absconded away from the play ground. The rest of the children walked back into the classroom. I called for help on the walky talky, whilst another member of staff followed him, when he climbed over the fence and onto the field. He walked around, but eventually calmed down and walked back into class, only to be caught by the headteacher and handed a consequence. 

I spent ten minutes after playtime, listening to 4 children’s versions about what happened. I repeated what they had told me the best I could remember and kept asking whether it was correct or not. I felt a little bit like Judge Rinder, checking over the facts in a court case. I was getting nods and agreements so it all went down on the incident report. 

Apparently it was unfair that he was being harassed about this whilst the other child got off free, for ruining his game. He returned to class after sensory, with a bumped head sticker. He admitted he had hit his head on a chair whilst he was talking to the headteacher. I can’t say that I was surprised. His usual avoidance tactic is to hide under a table or chair and pretend the conversation isn’t happening. He also said he tried to be invisible when he was on the field. Sorry dude, but only Harry Potter owns an invisibility cloak. 

He carried on in the morning with his 1:1 (assistant), completing a SPAG assessment and a maths assessment, with much bargaining and sulking. We won’t see him until Thursday morning now, with any hope, he might have completed his four pieces of incomplete homework and extra maths work in his book bag by then. Who am I kidding…?

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