“Show me some respect!”

I’ve never said this to a child, personally, but this week I’ve heard a child say it to another child. Apparently the other children don’t listen to him when he tries to tell them what to do… (Well, if you ask them like that, I don’t blame them for ignoring you!) 

He hasn’t been with us since the beginning of our time together and to say he’s struggling to understand our established classroom routines and expectations, is a tiny understatement. 

Apparently, his Mum is really confused as its not like him at all. My guess is that his last school probably didn’t have the balls to tell Mum such things as I do. 

Ever since he arrived, on the first day, he’s made his presence on his group’s table known. He argues frequently with the most outspoken and bossiest child on the table. He even argues with the children who are so compassionate and compromising around others, he’s practically walking all over them. 

I’ve moved him up a table because he seems quite bright, but he’s clashing with the characters on that table too. And I say he’s quite bright, he would appear even brighter, if he tried to put more effort in. Things seem to come easily to him, so he rushes EVERYTHING! And even when he tries to take his time, his work is still rushed because it actually hasn’t been that much longer than it would normally take him, if he rushed it. He’s bright but lazy. 

There’s rumours and 5% possibilities that his lordship could be leaving us, to go to another school. If, and it’s a mammoth if, he does leave, my bets are on this one taking his place. What code name shall I give him? Suggestions on a postcard please? 😂

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