A blooming ‘tubby’ nightmare.

A quick dash to Toys R Us, after work today, ended up being quite eventful.

First of all, I had to figure out how to get there. I’ve driven past the store several times whilst driving around the city centre, but I’ve never needed to go there, so far, so working out how to get into the car park was daunting. I followed the signage and managed to drive myself around the back of the store…it was dark, literally no other cars around, so I carried on driving aLong this one way road. I eventually ended up at a junction where a car was exiting so boldly drove in, hoping and praying it wasn’t a one way exit to leave Toys R Us. Seemed like it was ok and the arrows were psitively showing me I could drive through, so I followed the arrows and parked in the nearest non-parent and baby parking space I could find. There were many available so I doubt parking in one would have caused any inconvenience to real parents with children with them, but being an honest person, I parked where I was technically supposed to park. 

I don’t know what it is about this store, but whenever I first walk inside, I always say to myself “There’s so many toys!” I find it slightly overwhelming. I don’t recall having many toys r us experiences where shops were stocked with toys from floor to ceiling. Maybe this lack of experience in my childhood causes me some minor anxieties, walking into this particular shop. 

I wandered around aimlessly, in search for the Teletubby section. I was almost run over by a child, called Precious, test riding a princess bike. Maybe she might get it from Santa on Christmas morning, unless she did run somebody else over in the shop.

I initially only went into the shop to buy a Dipsy soft toy, for my niece’s second birthday on Thursday, but a carefully placed design of wrapping paper added to my £10 shop ever so slightly. As I reached onto the top shelf to grab the green Dipsy doll, Po made a suicidal jump off the shelf, landing on the floor with an “E-oh,”. I quickly picked her up, dusted her face and placed her at the back of the shelf. No more jumps for freedom on my watch.

Having found my desired present for little Miss V, I headed towards the tills to pay and head home. Why do they put the baby stuff in between the toys and the tills? I almost knocked over a few prams on my way past and spotted a gorgeous crib too. I don’t have any children of my own, yet, but I’ll keep it in mind for when I do.

At last, I had paid for Dipsy and his teletubby wrapping paper. I headed out of the door and got stuck behind a slow walking, elderly lady. I think she must have been psychic because every time I dodged and weaved to try and overtake her, she happened to move in that direction too. Maybe she was drunk? Luckily, there was loads of space in the car park to give her a wide birth and overtake her, otherwise I would have had to follow her at less than 0mph all the way to my car, which I had conveniently parked right next to hers. 

In the end, I managed to get to my car and take off before she’d put her seatbelt on. I whizzed out of the car park and headed home. It’s been a long day. My quick stop at Toys R Us seemed to take forever…but I’m home now, ready to wrap this teletubby and every time I press the cello tape to the wrapping paper, against his body, he starts talking! 😩

Little Miss V had better love this “Dippy Tubby” 

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