The 6 hour wait

It many occupations require you to wait for 6 hours to do something, that many children I teach can only wait a few minutes for…

8:30am – I paid for my lunch today and headed straight out onto the playground for early playground duty. 

8:45am – whistle blown and children lining up. Did the register. Had 4 children off school today. ☹️ 

9:00am – Most children lined up for assembly in line order. Walked children down to assembly. Did 2 spelling tests during assembly time with 2 groups. Marked them and collected children from assembly. 

9:15am- Met the children on their way back from the hall. Started maths. Taught fractions of shapes and caught up on lots of sticking in with children’s maths books. We finished early so I squeezed in another group of spellings. 😊

10:15am – playground duty. Bought some spicy noodles and monitored behaviour on the slippy playground. 

10:35am – I asked children walk to their lines, so they all ran. I went into my drill sergeant mode and told them to stand in  a space on the playground. Then told them to walk. They did. Then we started Guided Reading.

11:05am – We started English, my TA finished the last 3 groups of spellings at about 12pm.

12:15pm – My TA went for her lunch and the children tidied up, washed hands, put coats on and lined up for their lunch. 

12:30pm – Went to lunch. I thought I’d be able to make it until after I’d eaten food. I could nip in on my way back to the classroom, once I’d eaten. During lunch a child in my class, who needs to stay inside at lunchtime at the moment, reminded me and I led her to the classroom where she began sharpening blunt pencils for me. I was going to get her to sit on the bench for 15 minutes at 1pm, just to get some fresh air. 

1:00pm – It started hammering it down so the children all rushed inside.

1:05pm – The phone rang and a child in my class had to go out of school for an appointment. I collected him, told him to go to the office so I could nip in before end of lunch. He wasn’t sure where the office was. He’s only been in the school for 4 years!! I walked him down to the office. Walked back and the children were ready for afternoon lessons. 

1:15pm – Did the register and started phonics. 

1:40pm – Tidied phonics baskets away and got ready for assembly practise. 

1:45pm – In the KS2 hall and practised our assembly. 

2:00pm – Walked back to class and organised children doing quizzes and changing books. Children finished their stories and illustrated. TA started her intervention group. 

2:45pm – Most children had completed quizzes and were ready to change books. TA took children to change books in the  library. As children came back they collected coats and bags ready for home time. Remaining children were sitting on the carpet learning a new home free song as requested by children everyday this week!! 

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