The Haribo trick

This week, I’ve discovered a way to engage his lordship in learning, without bargaining how much work needs to be completed by the end of the lesson. He did exactly the same work as everybody else. No questions asked. No arguments. He just did it. 

He did need some gentle encouragement to practise being patient. (It’s not one of his favourite things – being patient!) His 1:1 did a great job of reinforcing instructions and reminding him that he had to complete the next task to be one step closer to enjoying his haribo sweets at the end of the lesson. 

So, we started our fractions unit in maths this week. I wanted to see what they remembered from last year, knowing full well what I’d taught them in year 2. His lordship huffed and puffed until I pulled out a letter from our Prime Minister Thereasa May. It asked the children to investigate whether haribo sweets have an equal amount of sweets in each pack. 

“How are we going to do that without any sweets?” He demanded. I simply opened my desk drawer and pulled up a large bag of mini bags of haribo sweets. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas and his Birthday all in one moment.

Even though he didn’t have the highest number of sweets in his packet, he wasn’t too bothered and sorted his sweets into the varieties. He recorded the fractions on his white board and listened for the next instruction. 

He sorted his haribo bears into colours and recorded fractions for those as well. It ended up being a no fuss lesson, where I discovered that in order for him to listen, follow instructions and complete his learning to satisfactory standards…I need to have a packet of haribo sweets involved or dangling at the end of the finish line. 
Maybe I should buy some shares in Haribo sweets? 

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