Dramatic, defiant declarations.

When his lordship loses his temper, a variety of classroom items get thrown around the classroom. 

When they land on the floor, the situation usually ends in one of two ways…

The most recent scenario that happens is: He doesn’t return to class, so the other children eventually end up having to tidy up after him. I love my class for many, many reasons. One of the reasons is that they are more than happy to tidy up after him. Even though they didn’t make the mess themselves, they will happily salvage my sanity by making sure that his work station is tidy and any broken resources are thrown away correctly. I always make an conscious effort to announce that, under no circumstances is it acceptable for this to end this way, but thank you so much for being so kind in offering to do that for him. 

Or the scenario that I miss greatly, which is: The overly dramatic, loud, obnoxious, defiant declaration that he is not going to pick up any of the items on the floor…whilst he is actually picking them all up off the floor, one by one. I’m not entirely sure whether he realises what he is saying, whilst he’s doing what he’s telling me he isn’t going to do, or whether it could be his way of telling himself that he is in control of the situation, when he isn’t. Or that he is not losing this battle and he’s not going to comply with my commands, because he is still in control of this situation where he is blindly doing what I’ve asked him to do.

I’m a little bit confused by what I’ve just written. Basically, whilst he is picking up the pencils that he threw on the floor, twenty minutes ago, he is shouting at me, telling me that he isn’t going to pick them up. The first few times this happened, I stated the obvious and told him that he was, in fact, doing what I’d asked him to do. The usual response would be “No I’m not!” But he blatantly was. He was on his hands and knees, crawling around on the floor, picking up each pencil individually and putting it on his table. Then he would sit on his chair and return the pencils to his own, designated, pencil pot. Now, I/we, just stand there and let him shout whilst he does what he says he isn’t doing…???

I’m not usually the only witness to this scene. On many occasions, I’ve had members of the leadership team standing with me in the room, whilst this has happened. Eventually it started to become funny. Hilarious in fact. We try our best to conceal our giggles or even avoid eye contact for fear of faltering and ending up in a giggle fit on the floor, whilst he is still picking up those pencils. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened in a while, but whilst I was reflecting on his short absence, due to illness, and the things I’ve missed about him, this cropped up in my memory, so I had to flip through my notebook to find an entry from last year… Boy, do I miss those eventful days where I would stand there and think about the other careeer opportunities I could have taken, yet didn’t. I’d often say to myself. “So here I am. Right now. Living through this unbelievable moment.” 

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