A better day.

After yesterday’s antics, my children arrived to school today – with their ears attached to their heads! 😂 They’ve still managed to have their moments and require instructions to be repeated a few times, but no where near as bad as yesterday. Thank goodness.

Only 9 children forgot their spelling books. Many children, who I was expecting to forget them, actually remembered to bring them into school! I had a sit down during the register, just to recover from the shock. Later on, we managed to get all 6 phonics groups spelling tests done. My TA is amazing. She finished with her guided reading group early, not surprising as they are the best quickest group. I asked if she could get their test done whilst I finished with my group, then she whizzed through another 2 groups before English started and managed to get the last 3 groups done before her intervention this afternoon. She even marked their tests and stuck new spellings into home spelling books. What a star!

The biggest shock with spellings though, was that my lowest ability child across reading, writing and maths got 9/10 in hisspelling  test. I was so proud of him, we made a big hoo hard and celebrated with high fives, clapping and a congratulatory hugs from his peers. (Another reason why I love my class – they show utter love for one another in the most adorable ways, it really melts my heart sometimes.)

In Maths today, we cracked using an empty number line to divide by 2, 5 or 10 on 3 out of 5 tables in the room. The other two tables couldn’t count in 2s, 5s or 10s so we are sticking to sharing mats so we can count in 1s. Sometimes we even struggle to count in 1s past 20. 

In English, we finished writing our recipes for making rocky road biscuits. The children were really excited because they thought they would be making it themselves tomorrow. When I broke it to them, they seemed downheartened that they’d put a lot of effort into their writing for nothing. I can’t even remember saying that they might be making it themselves. 

One thing I have noticed more today, is that a child in my class has started asking me questions at the same time as another. One child will ask me if they could go to the toilet or have a drink whilst he will ask if he can go on an iPad now.  By playtime today, I  realised what was going on and I’ve now started directing my answers to each child individually by name. Otherwise mister know-it-all-rushes-his-work-to-go-on-an-iPad-first thinks he’s entitled to go on an iPad with a yes that was actually directed at a toilet or water request. The cheek of it. He was new to the class in September and although he is a very bright boy, he has poor listening skills. He thinks that because he is new, he can do whatever he wants to do because I assume, that might be what he did in his last school.

Oh, I also made my favourite cry. I asked him if he wanted to play indoor hockey at playtime and he declined the invitation so I chose somebody else. Then he changed his mind, once the child had gone. I tried to explain that because he said no thank you, I chose somebody else and it would be unfair to ask them to swap now. They were looking forward to going. He just kept Ellington me he’d changed his mind now. I stood firm as he sobbed. Devastated that he’d have to be on playground duty with me instead. I asked him to make sure he was happy with his decision next time. His table peers have been looking after him all day, which caused him to have another breakdown before lunch, when the girls kept asking him if he was ok. The mothering attention was smothering him. I advised the girls to back off and give him some space. They seemed a bit put out. You’d think I was teaching teenagers with the dramas in my class, sometimes, even when his lordship is not in school. 

But overall a better day. His lordship is back with us tomorrow morning, I have my running shoes at the ready.

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