If I had a pound…

… for every time I have repeated myself today, I wouldn’t need to work tomorrow, or ever again!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my class. They are amazing on their best days, but I feel like I’ve been speaking Chinese today. Even my best listeners have had their moments. I had completely lost my sanity by 11:00am and I’m surprised that most of the children still liked me by the end of the day. 

Simple instructions that have been blatantly ignored in the classroom today are:

“Stop what you are doing and look at me, please.” Only a few children reacted and looked at me.  

“Put your pencil down and look this way, please.” Again only a handful of children managed to follow this simple task.

Before playtime, only two tables and 3 more children went out to play. The other two year three classes walked through the room and out onto the playground. The last remaining children looked at me expectantly. When they cottoned on, they all shuffled in their seats one by one, so that they looked ready to get their coats and snacks. I read them the riot act before they stood up and scattered around the room in their search for coats and food. I was hopeful for a better rest of the day, but even with his lordship out of the classroom today, the other 27 children decided to pick up the slack…

“Do not disturb me whilst I’m working with this guided reading group.” Seven. That’s right seven (7) children came up to me to show me their work, ask what to do next, ask if they could do what I’d already told them to do once they had finished and even ask me if they could sharpen their pencil. I tried ignoring one child but he kept repeating my name, louder each time. When I asked him why I was ignoring him, he couldn’t tell me. When I asked him what I had said 2 minutes ago about disturbing me, he repeated my instruction word for word!!! I smiled at him sarcastically until he asked “So can I sharpen the pencil?” 😩

In English, we were gluing in our work before we started. I’ve gone over how to glue their LQs in for the past 8 weeks. Yet, I still have children gluing them in half in the book, half out the book, half way down the page, half way over their date, or the worst thing imagineable…upside down!!! We are down to one glue stick per table at the minute, which would be fine for a class of children who are capable of sharing. My class are not good at sharing. A few are very good at sharing. Most of them are not. So passing the glue stick along the table after they’d used it was far too difficult a task to complete. Hence why I have said “Pass the glue stick along guys,” more times than I could imagine. 

By the end of the day, my instructions went from “Stop and listen please,” to “Listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth.” You’d think that if most of the children were not listening to me, it could be that I’m not explaining things clearly enough. I haven’t changed the way I hand out instructions for simple tasks before, during and in the middle of lessons, however, it seems that maybe my class forgot to bring their ears to school today. It’s days like this that make me appreciate the quiet days I seem to take for granted and hardly notice of as they fly by me. 

How many weeks until the Christmas holidays is it? 

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