The Bermuda Triangle

I know that in a few weeks time, I’ll be teaching my class all about the different triangles in maths. I’ve been practising saying iscoceles for a while, in preparation. The Bermuda Triangle is one of those mysterious triangles that still confuses me.

Apparently, the Bermuda Triangle is in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s three points sit at Miami, Florida, Bermuda island and Puerto Rico.

However, I firmly believe that it may exist in my classroom. Why? Because in just 8 weeks 15+ glue sticks , 40+ pencils, countless rubbers/erasers, six pencil sharpeners, a reading book and reading record, my sanity and one child have all gone missing.

There are many theories as to why things disappear in the Bermuda Triangle – aliens, sink holes, time worm holes, compass variations, Gulf Streams, human error, violent weather, methane hydrates – but that doesn’t answer the question… Where do these things go? 

Fortunately, I know where the missing child is. His lordship has been at home for a week. Poorly. (Not that I’ve been celebrating or anything!) but still, I’ve no idea where the other things have gone. 

A few theories that I have: the Bermuda Triangle is in my classroom or there is two Bermuda triangles and one is in my classroom. The goats are eating them, or a child is stealing school reasources in an effort to make it difficult for us to do any work in school without writing pencils, or someone is playing tricks on my classroom. It’s not funny though. I kind of, sort of need pencils in order for my children to write in their books, thus producing sufficient evidence to suggest that my teacher judgements are justifiable. Fortunately for me, a TA in school delivered a handful of pencils to my room, one afternoon this week. I was so excited, I squealed at my class “back to work we go, we’ll just have to glue our learning questions into our books with blood, sweat and tears instead.” 

Whilst hunting online for suitable pictures of the Bermuda Triangle to include in this post I came across this beauty…

 Maybe my brain is like the Bermuda Triangle too. Quite often, I feel like, some information needs to be pushed out in order for new information to be squashed in. Most times, the useless information stays and the useful information escapes. I wish it was the other way around. I might be more productive and less forgetful that way. 

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