Cold baked beans.

I ordered a hot dinner today, expecting to be able to eat it whilst it was hot. Silly me. I completely forgot that I needed to follow his lordship around school in a circle for 15 minutes, before I would be able to sit down and eat my cold jacket potato. 

It all started when I walked him to the hall so he could collect his fish fingers and chips. One of his favourite meals in school, but not today. He didn’t want fish fingers and chips today, he wanted a cheese wrap instead. He’s changed his mind before. (Read one of my previous posts: ‘It’s ham, not cheese’) and we decided that he would have to suffer and eat what was on the menu instead of demanding that the kitchen staff prepare him a completely different meal. He wasn’t prepared to accept this so he dashed down the corridor and started running around school in a circle. 

After the first few laps of following him, whilst carrying my jacket potato on a plate, I dropped it off at the staff room and called for help. My amazing TA leapt up from her seat and marched out the door with me to help. We followed him, until we realised that he would be going in another lap around the KS1 corridors. She followed him round, whilst I back tracked to meet him in the next corridor. When he saw me, he spun on his heel to walk the other way, but he bumped into her instead, as he tried to avoid me. Realising he was caught, he stood there, defeated. Thank goodness too because I wasn’t wearing the right bra for running today. We’d successfully managed to trap him in the corridor with 2 members of SLT present to help us deliver the final blow. We gave him an ultimatum and he made a choice, which involved me walking him back to class, to collect his coat and book bag so he could go home for lunch instead. 

The lengths that I go to, to out stubborn this child are becoming more like sacrifices. It’s only a matter of time before I either lose my cool or have a complete breakdown over cold baked beans. Luckily, we broke up for half term today, so I don’t have to see his lordship for an entire week. I’ll be staying as far away from his likely haunts over the holiday, in an effort to reduce my chances of bumping into him accidentally. 

Next term, however, my TA and I have decided that we’re going to take it in turns to wear our trainers and a wonderfully, supportive sports bra, just in case we end up chasing him around school again! Who needs the gym? Oh, the joys of teaching children! 

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