Roman style

I have many hidden talents, and one of them is that I can write awesome parodies to popular songs. It comes in handy for class assemblies and performances for themed weeks. 

One year, my year 3 class had to do an assembly in front of key stage 2 classes and my children’s parents. Our topic was all about the Romans and I wanted to make our assembly memorable. It just had to be better than the other year 3’s assembly. The Christmas before our assembly happened, the biggest hit to be realeased was gangnam style. I spent my Christmas holidays writing a parody, to gangnam style, that would tell the audience all about the Romans, in a fun and exciting way. The children were amazed when we were learning it and how they managed to keep it a secret, I do not know. I basically told them, that if we kept it a secret, it was be an enormous surprise for the school and parents in our assembly.

For the first part of our assembly, the children all stood up and said something about the Romans. Most of the boys were dressed as Roman soldiers with shields and body armour. (I’d like to take a minute to acknowledge that my wonderful TA for that year, had spent the weeks beforehand, making armours and shields for each boy using cardboard and aluminium foil – and they looked absolutely amazing.) The soldiers all shuffled into Testudo formation. Then one popped his head and out and said, we will now sing you a song about the Romans. I gave a giggling thumbs up to the year 6 girl who was ready to press play on the music. The first beats of the song blasted through the hall and all the children in the audience stared, open mouthed at each other in disbelief. Surely the class wasn’t going to sing and dance to gangnam style? Oh but we did. The children frolicked at the front, chanting the new lines and dancing around like Roman Psys. The assembly was a huge success. I don’t think the assistant head, who had to close the assembly after us, knew exactly what to say. He was in as much shock as the other adults in the hall at that moment. The parents beamed with pride and chuckled at the scene they had just witnessed. I have honestly never felt prouder of my class and felt slightly weepy. I couldn’t talk. I wanted to compose myself and eventually did, just in time to let parents know they could take photos of their children in costumes, but please do not post the photos online, unless it is a photo of just your own child. 

We walked the children back to the classroom and changed back into school uniforms for playtime. My classroom was littered with safety pins and white fabric that had just been abandoned in the hurry to go out to play. I’ll always remember that class and that song. It was one of the proudest moments in my teaching career… The children were even allowed to perform it in Friday’s celebration assembly, in front of the key stage 1 children who had missed out on the extravaganza. Who knew that a few months later, we’d be singing another song, with the other year 3 class , all about building pyramids! 

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