Home Free in January!!!

My class know who my favourite band is. I unashamedly force them to sing the songs if we have time at the end of the day. As a class, we have a favourite song which we sing so beautifully, even if our actions are something to be desired. They love it. I love it. Some children have even gone home with the band name written on a post it note so they can watch the other videos with their parents at home. I’ve created a class of Home Fries and I’m so proud of that.

Home Free are an American, Country music A Capella band. The first of their kind. There are five members, who sing in perfect harmony. Creating all the sounds and beats to the songs with just their voices. Their music sounds amazing on single tracks and albums, but they are even better live. In between songs, they joke and tell stories about their experiences. Their comedic timing is on point, unless the tenors get the giggles. The bass singer sings so low, the hairs on your body stand up to listen as the bass notes thunder through your skeleton. (He can also sing as high as the tenors, but rarely shows this off – it would be unkind to the other two tenors in the band. 😂) One of the tenors brings the country sound to the group’s music. His southern accent is noticeable in his singing voice as well. To me, it’s what makes their sound genuinely countrified. The other tenor sports the facial hair of a tough lumberjack, but he’s the cutest, cuddliest and giggliest member of the group. He often breaks into Carlton dance mode now and then to bring the entertainment to the more serious love songs. (He’s also a secret beat boxer and rapper.) The baritone is the newest member of the band and fits nicely right in between the bass singer and the tenors. He glues the singing parts together with his silky country tones. The vocal percussionist/beat boxer, makes the drum beats and rhythm of each song come alive. Last year, he did a 10 minute solo, where he demonstrated that he makes all of the beats and sounds by himself. No instruments. Mum couldn’t believe it. Have I proven myself as a home fry yet?

Last weekend, the band announced a date for singing at London’s A Capella festival in January. I got so excited, I immediately went online to try and book tickets. Every time I picked 3 seats and tried to pay, the seats had already been sold. I persevered… Until all the seats were gone. I was sad and annoyed that I wouldn’t be able to see them live again. Being an American band, they hardly ever do shows in the UK. I was slowly coming to terms with the fact I’d have to wait more than another year to see them again, when I woke up on Tuesday morning to a Facebook notification that they’d be putting on a second show later on in the day. 

I’d been struggling to wake up all term so far, but not Wednesday morning. I was wide awake and incredibly excited. I grabbed my iPad and looked for tickets. I managed to buy 3 tickets, just 2 rows further back from where mum and I were sitting last time. I pressed purchase and it went through. I squealed a little bit and jiggled in my seat as the website was thinking about whether or not it would let me get onto the it’s paying page. I had to drop the iPad for a second and recompose myself for putting in the digits of my card. When it all went through and my bank granted the purchase (phew!) I could have cried with happiness. I texted mum and let her know I’d gotten tickets for their second show at 4pm on the day. However, in all of the excitement I completely forgot to press send until later on in the morning, when I wondered why she hadn’t replied yet! She types slow but not 5 hours later slow! 

At school, it was home time and we had 5 minutes to spare, once we were all ready with our coats and bags, until I could officially release the children to their rightful parents. They asked if they could sing Try Everything, our favourite song. I went onto YouTube to click the video on the home screen. (Apparently we watch that video too much as it’s on our most watched list!) Before I pressed play, I had to let the children know what was happening in January. They got just as excited as I was. I think they thought I was going to take them with me at first. (I really wish I could, but 28 children at the seaside was stressful enough for me. 28 children on a train to London is beyond my comfort zone.) Now they want me to take pictures along with me, that they have drawn for the band, they want to write letters to them and ask them to visit school. I’m planning a unit before Christmas, just to see whether I get some decent writing out of them for a change…if they impress me, I might just hand them to the band in person, whilst trying not to faint or fan girl too much…(Dad might give me some funny looks.) I remember last year, seeing one band member ride down the escalator a few minutes before the show. I stopped talking mid sentence and said “oh my god…that’s Austin!” whilst mum just looked at me. 

So I can’t wait for January now. I’ve got 2 busy weekends in a row to look forward to and I’m going to keep reminding my class that I’m going to see Home Free and they’re not. Because sadly, that’s the kind of teacher that I am. 😋

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