Blu Tak chewing gum

Last year, at the start of the school year, I began noticing how my displays were falling off the wall too easily and tray labels were falling off. My Blu tak seemed to be disappearing and I was clueless as to why. I always collect used Blu tak so I can save it for the next use. (Usually I hide it high up on my boards, but apparently Blu tak can be spotted from miles off by hungry children!)

It took me a week to work out who the culprit was and low and behold it was, you guessed it, his lordship! I noticed one afternoon that he appeared to be slapping his lips like a Saharan camel. When I asked him what he had in his mouth, he spat the Blu tak out and tried to hide it in his sleeve. Unfortunately for him, his magic skills were lacking and he accidentally dropped the Blu tak on the floor. He picked it up and was about to return it to his mouth when I exasperatedly asked him to put it in the bin. I doubt it stayed in the bin for very long and consequently bought a massive amount of anti bac wipes and hand gel for the classroom that weekend. My hand washing count for each day increased dramatically and I could often be seen spraying anti bac spray around his work station at the end of the day. I did ask myself what else from the classroom may have been in his mouth but it doesn’t bare thinking about. 

This year, so far, the amount of Blu tak that has gone missing is still unjustifiable. The makers need to make it taste disgusting so children, like him, wouldn’t want to put it in their mouth. I’m fairly certain that he is not the only culprit in my class though. He’s hardly been in my class so far this year and the Blu tak is still disappearing rapidly. I also now never keep used Blu tak for fear of where it has been. Luckily I’ve found a secret hiding place to hide the Blu tak this year and it’s too high for little camels to reach. 

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