“It’s ham, not cheese!”

“It’s ham, not cheese!” is what was shouted at me as a ham wrap hit me on the nose and cheek at lunchtime recently. Not many teachers, let alone people, would have calmly and patiently handed the wrap back to the offending child whilst saying “Put your sandwich back in the bag.” after this kind of incident. Believe me, the many variations of my reaction flashed through my mind before I sighed and acted as calmly as I did. 

He then shouted again as he threw his lunch across the room this time. He already had a detention for leaving the room and refusing to listen to instructions during the morning lessons, so there was not much else that I could do at this point that wouldn’t add fuel to a raging fire. I did think about throwing his entire lunch in the bin. Instead I sent him off to lunch with his detention slip, only to find him swapping his ham wrap for cheese at the kitchen hatch as I walked through the dinner hall a short while later. The lovely kitchen staff had offered to swap it for him. Personally I wouldn’t have done this and just said “it’s ham or nothing.” Later on a member of SLT agreed with me but he was already swapping his cheese by the time I had noticed. 

I’m sure there are many other occupations where ham wraps do not come flying through the air at you, but despite these crazy moments that you thought you’d never be describing in reply to “how was your day?”, I still like my job. As with most jobs – some moments you love it and other moments, you loathe it! 

Just don’t talk to me about ham for a few weeks. 

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