The desk

AKA the dumping ground. 

There are two types of teachers and I know which one I am. The organised, OCD, neat freak teacher or the disorganised, in denial, desk avoiding teacher.

Let’s start with the first kind of teacher. – This teacher has an absolutely spotless desk. Either they don’t know where their desk is so they don’t use it and that is why it always looks so organised and tidy. Or they incessantly clear it so it looks pristine and you can see clear surfaces. I can’t say much else about these teachers because, well, I’m not one of them.

I am lucky enough to be the proud, no, embarrassed owner of the organised chaos that my kind of teachers like to call their desk. I claim to know exactly what is on my desk and exactly where it is. However, I have absolutely no idea what is on my desk, nor where I left that important piece of paper that I now need urgently. It could be on the desk, I don’t know for sure. I wouldn’t want to disturb the mountain of papers in case they all fall down at a time when I don’t have 28 little helpers ready and willing to pick them all up for me.

My desk is my biggest weakness as a class teacher. I’m supposed to set an example to the children about how to be organised, tidy and proactive in cleaning up after myself. But I’m not. I praise the children and encourage them to keep tidy tables. We have a quick tidy after every lesson. My desk, on the other hand, is much to be desired. Maybe if I didn’t say “Thank you, just leave it on my desk for me,” every time someone shows me a piece of paper, it could be tidier? Maybe?

Comments such as “where on your desk did you say it was?” “Did you honestly tidy your desk last night?” “Do you think you should have a tidy up of your desk?” “Shall I tidy your desk for you?” – all from children in my class, has forced me to acknowledge my ‘area for development’  as a teacher. So here is my new academic year resolution for 2016-2017. My class have all made theirs. (Work harder, listen better, write neater, practise spellings, learn multiplication and division facts, stay in my seat, raise my hand to speak.)

My resolution is to keep my desk tidy. So far it’s going ok. It could be better. My goal is to tidy it on a Friday afternoon ready for Monday morning. So here is a before and after photo of my desk this year.



We will see how long this good streak lasts and hopefully, it will last all year. (Notice in the after picture, a sign on the whiteboard that says “A messy desk is the sign of a genius!” I wish that was true. *sigh*

Wish my desk and me good luck for the rest of the year…


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