This time last year…

02 October 2015

It has been four weeks into the school year. My initial, patient ‘Mary Poppins’ demeanour is fading quickly, to be replaced by the Hulk. What exactly do I need to do/who do I need to scream/yell at, bribe/pester incessantly in order to move things along rapidly with him? He needs something (preferably a 1:1) and if he doesn’t get it, I may be bald/drunk/insane/morbidly obese/all 4 things by Christmas.

29 September 2016

Apparently ‘insane’ is what happened to me, because in July…I requested to be his teacher for another year when I was told I’d be moving into the year above. People who know me (and a certain child) question my sanity and reasons for doing it, but I stand by those reasons strongly. Although, at times, it may seem like the biggest mistake I have ever made, I know, deep down, that it is the best decision I have ever made for a child in my class. For HIM.

My job is not easy. Teaching is a rewarding career but its not all 9-5, playing in the sand tray all day, like most non-teachers think! (I’m going to think of a better name for non-teachers!) I know that. Every teacher up and down the English nation knows that. We just wish everybody else knew it too! I knew it when I was 18 and heading to university to start my teacher training. To say that I wasn’t phased by the prospect of challenging children was not untrue. I just felt prepared. However nothing can prepare you for when that one child, who has more issues than Vogue magazine, ends up in your class!

My stories started almost a year ago. I have many anecdotes stored away and will probably have many more to come. They will have no chronological order and will eventually be about the future children that I will most likely teach. (If I survive!!)

Children will remain nameless. Nobody needs to know who they are and if you do know who they are, or teach somebody similar to them…just remember that they are one child in your/my class of 25-30. One child does not make a class. Each child deserves to be recognised and appreciated as an individual. It’s your job as a teacher, or parent, to make each child, that you spend your day with, feel loved and understood. Some children make it a challenge to love and understand them. These children are the ones who stay in a teacher’s heart forever – or lead us into early retirement at 30!
I hope you enjoy.

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